Friday, April 15, 2011

Goalkeepers are Crazy! Gary Scott speaks at Ted X event

I recently presented at a Ted X event being held at Deloittes Wellington with the only instruction being that the presentation should speak to the topic Play To Win, one of Deloittes’ mottos. My presentation was therefore called Goalkeepers Are Crazy – Five Reasons Your Team Needs Egocentric Individualists. Of course, if you know me, that is not a great stretch. Not like plucking a shot out of the top left corner.

Gary presents at Deloittes' Ted X event
The talk suggested a number of egocentric management theories based on the idea that the best management book ever written is Clemence On Goalkeeping. Old school, but still relevant today.And that to succeed as a producer is much like being goalie – first you have to recognise that it’s all your fault.

After that do five things well – get your body behind the ball (sure it can hurt, but that’s life), narrow the angle (put all the pressure on the competition), distribute quickly (don’t waste time in getting people out there), trust your instincts (i.e. you can over-think things) and stay calm under pressure. Easy right?

It was a fun talk to give, and was well received. Though not as well received as the talk given by Sister Loyola Galvin, an 86 year old character from the Home of Compassion. Sure, make me speak before the nun!

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