Monday, March 28, 2011

Wine doco for China

A Gibson Group production crew is currently filming at locations around New Zealand in partnership with major Chinese TV network, Tianjin Television (TJTV).

Three 30 minute episodes will feature Marlborough vineyards Wairau River Wines, Jackson Estate and Marisco, introducing New Zealand wines to the Chinese market, and showcasing the scenery and tourist attractions of the region.

View over the Marisco vineyard irrigation pond towards the mountains (note golf ball target in the middle of the pond!)
 The series will air on TJTV's terrestrial and satellite channels later this year. Tianjin, one of China's wealthiest and fastest growing areas, is a city of nearly 13 million people and closely linked economically with the capital Beijing. The domestic TJTV satellite channel has a footprint of around 600 million people. It will also be broadcast on their international satellite channel, and then be distributed to other major Chinese TV networks.

The three Marlborough episodes are part of a 10-part series, complementing episodes from the Chinese and Australian wine industries.

Filming will wrap early April.

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