Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gibson Group provides silver lining for The Cloud

The Cloud, the temporary building on Auckland’s waterfront, was opened by the Prime Minster Hon. John Key last Friday (2nd September).  With hundreds of guests listening to the speeches and brushing shoulders with industry leaders, politicians and media commentators, it was easy to see how the space will function as a fanzone and a centre for showcasing New Zealand’s innovative science and technology businesses.

The huge screens with the Gibson Group's film showcasing the Pacific.
Image © The Gibson Group, 2011.
 When the two massive 17 metre long screens aren’t playing live rugby, they’ll be showcasing Gibson Group productions especially commissioned for The Cloud – the first off the rank is a three minute film for the Pacific Islands’ Forum  this week.  When the Forum finishes, one of the screens will play a 10 minute film called We Do Things Differently Here.  The film, shot in locations around New Zealand earlier this year, takes the viewers on a journey of New Zealand’s ingenuity and showcases the best of the creative, scientific and creative industries.

The screens are 17 metres long and over 4 metres high - New Zealand
projected (almost) larger han life!
Image © Gibson Group
The other screen hosts case studies of some industries featured in the film. And, because The Cloud is a fanzone, an exhibit and also a function space, we developed software allowing these case studies to be curated for purpose.  For instance, during the Pacific Islands’ Forum, businesses with Pacific ties will be featured or for a technology function, high-tech case studies will be prominent.

30-60 second clips from the innovation sector can be curated according to the occasion
 using Gibson Group-developed software.
Image © Gibson Group 2011.
Finally there’s the Innovation Showcase that allows visitors to find out indepth information about the innovations they’ve seen featured on the big screens.  Each display “pod” also features an example of the technology like the Yike Bike that visitors can touch and in the case of some of the objects, interact with.  When The Cloud goes into party mode, the ‘pods’ can be easily moved into storage.

The Sealegs boat that can be driven on land and in water is one of four large displays in the  Innovation Showcase.
Image ©Gibson Group, 2011.
It’s been fun getting around the country and meeting the brains behind these amazing innovations  - we’ll hopefully have some of the moving and still imagery footage up shortly!

The team from the Gibson Group with Michael Barnett (bottom row, centre) at The Cloud opening.
Image © Gibson Group,2011.

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